Sign Up for the WedgeWord Electronic Edition

Every quarter we compile information about our neighborhood awards, events, finances and other items of interest to create our WedgeWord newsletter.  While this takes a fair amount of effort, we enjoy the results and feel it is worthwhile for our community. We hope you agree!

The last steps of this process are of course printing the newsletter, printing addresses, stuffing envelopes, purchasing stamps and mailing.  All of these require money and time.  And these days, with everyone connected online and actively using email as part of our daily lives, we feel the time has come to make this task much cheaper and more efficient by distributing the WedgeWord as an email newsletter rather than a paper newsletter.

We are in the very beginning stages of this endeavor. But we ask you to help us by providing your name, email address, and also your street address (so we can verify you aren’t some crazy Russian hacker trying to get their hands on our super-secret financial information). All joking aside, we really appreciate your help with this. And of course if you have any questions or concerns, we are just a click, a phone call or a door knock away!

Oh, and hopefully it goes without saying, but we are not going to sell your information or use it for any purpose other than communicating with you about our wonderful community!  Thank you!